Incredible Performance.

Rugged Mobile Design.

Now with Thermal Imaging.

We’ve packed the incredible imaging of our 30X lens into a compact and robust package, and we didn’t stop there. In addition to the optical zoom performance that rivals much larger PTZ camera systems, the Triton is now available with an additional thermal imaging camera, enabling excellent detection ability, especially at night.

Small enough for mobile deployment with a versatile magnetic base, this rugged PTZ camera excels in both practical and extreme applications. Ideal for mobile field surveillance, rapid deployment situations, and anywhere else a compact, high performance PTZ is needed, the Triton will not disappoint.

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Integrated Nightvision

Small & Rugged

Incredible Zoom

Versatile Mounting


IR Triton

30X Zoom Lens

Get closer and capture the more detail on distant subjects with the impressive 30X optical zoom of the Triton’s 4.5–135mm lens. Paired with a compact 1/2.8" 1080p sensor, the Triton offers full-HD sharpness while maintaining the zoom clarity that only optical zoom can provide, from a wide 67° angle through to a narrow 2.4° horizontal field of view.

But don’t take our word for it, the video results speak for themselves:

Exceptional detail and
long-range surveillance coverage

Integrated Night Vision

The Triton is available in two configurations for nightvision. The Triton IR has a 3 LED array of infrared illuminators that provide up to 50m (160ft) of nightvision performance. The Thermal Triton provides less IR illumination but adds a thermal camera capable of detecting vehicles up to a half-mile away (800m).

Thermal Imaging

The Thermal Triton adds a thermal imaging camera that sees heat instead of light. This is an incredibly useful surveillance technology that allows the user to quickly and easily spot objects that are warmer than their environment like humans, animals and vehicles. Thermal cameras are also unaffected by extreme lighting conditions like darkness or bright lights.

Infrared Illumination

Just as the human eye relies on the presence of an adequate light source to see, security cameras must be provided with proper illumination to capture high-quality images and video. The Triton’s 3 IR LED array provides up to 50m (160ft) of IR illumination when there isn’t enough natural light available. An electronic photocell automatically activates the IRs in low light, ensuring optimal 24/7 day night imaging, even in complete darkness.

Environmental Protection


The Triton's enclosure is designed with an ingress protection rating of IP66, protecting the internal components from dust, dirt and liquids. This protection allows the Triton to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions including rain and snow.

Low SWaP Design

Small, lightweight electronic systems that don't use much power are massively advantageous in a variety of situations.

Small Size

The Triton’s compact size and design allows for easy mobility and mounting versatility.

Low Power

The Triton uses just 20W of power, making it ideal for solar or other low-power installations.

Light Weight

Weighing in at under 5 pounds, the 2.6kg Triton is an easy addition to many surfaces or tactical situations.

Multiple Connections

The Triton can be configured as an IP network video camera system, allowing the video to be distributed over wired, wireless and cellular networks. Alternatively, (or when configured with thermal sensors) the Triton can be ordered with analog, or SDI video outputs (with a large quantity order). RS485 is included for precise control of the camera using an optional PTZ joystick.

More Options

Our standard breakout cable is included with the Triton, however we can also customize the configuration in a number of ways, including adding a weatherproof junction box for remote installations, extending the length of the cable, or even creating a rapid deployment kit that can power, display and control the camera with a quick and simple connection.






Infiniti Electro-Optics is a leading manufacturer of military-grade long-range surveillance camera systems. The Triton is a small and portable surveillance solution, but we also custom-build high-end solutions for longer range surveillance, including technologies like thermal imaging, ZLID™ laser illumination and more.

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